Stay on Top of 3 Working Generations and What They Value

Big generational changes are making waves across the economy. Millennials in the workplace surpassed Generation X workers in 2014 and Baby Boomers in 2015.1 

All three generations share a rising tide of financial concerns. A combined total of 71 percent of workers worry about lost wages if they can't work. And 52 percent are concerned about support if they become disabled.2

But each generation has distinct personality traits, influenced by economic currents when they came of age.

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Check out our Generational Waves infographic below to learn more about who your clients are and what they care about.


Are You Riding the Waves of Change?  

1 “Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the Largest Generation in U.S. Labor Force,” Pew Research Center, Fact Tank, May 11, 2015
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